Horse Handling Science

Janiece Johnson Wilson‘s life took a profound turn when she crossed paths with Monte Foreman in the 1960s. Attending one of his clinics with her spirited horse, she endured tumultuous rides that lacked the essence of true partnership she yearned for. Despite her riding prowess, Janiece struggled to forge a deep connection with her horse. However, that pivotal day at the clinic unveiled the transformative power of Monte Foreman’s methods in equine guidance and riding. From that moment, she became an avid student, eagerly absorbing every lesson Monte imparted to his disciples. Witnessing the remarkable metamorphosis of horses under his tutelage, Janiece embarked on her journey to disseminate Foreman’s horse handling science, becoming a teacher in her own right.

The riveting chronicle of Janiece’s odyssey, along with its contemporary impact, will grace the pages of an upcoming book co-authored with her dedicated disciple, Monica O. Knight. While a definitive publishing date remains pending, the collaborative writing process is well underway.